Monday, June 17, 2013

Pre-order xbox one console

Pre-order the new Xbox one

Xbox one
The Xbox one is the successor for the Xbox. The new Xbox is called the Xbox one and is faster, better and more capable. This console is a beauty inside the beast. With 8 core's you can do a lot more, switch games with ease, or play hardcore games, this console can take it all. 
Good games require a lot of ram and hell lot of storage, and that's why this beauty is loaded with 8GB ram and 500GB of store age.. So that you'll never run our of space. The Xbox one is designed in such a way that it's CPU, RAM, GPU interact harmoniously to give you the peak performance you have never seen before.
The Xbox one is not just about games, with it's blu ray watch HD movies. And the games look great with this technology.
When you buy the console you also get kinect. The kinect is designed for xbox and for you. It has been updated, refreshed and made better. 
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